[[t]ɒn, ɔn[/t]]
1) so as to be or remain supported by or suspended from:
Put the package on the table. Hang your coat on the hook[/ex]
2) so as to be attached to or unified with:
a label on a jar[/ex]
3) so as to be a covering or wrapping for:
Put the blanket on the baby[/ex]
4) in connection, association, or cooperation with:
to serve on a jury[/ex]
5) so as to be a supporting part or base of:
legs on a chair[/ex]
6) having as a place, location, situation, etc.:
a scar on the face; a store on 19th Street[/ex]
7) in immediate proximity to:
a house on the lake[/ex]
8) in the direction of:
to sail on a southerly course[/ex]
9) using as a means of conveyance or of supporting or supplying movement:
arriving on the noon plane; a car that runs on electricity[/ex]
10) by the agency or means of:
drunk on wine; talking on the phone[/ex]
11) directed against or toward:
played a joke on him[/ex]
12) having as a subject; about:
a book on birds[/ex]
13) in a state, condition, or process of:
on strike[/ex]
14) cvb engaged in or involved with:
I'm on the second chapter now[/ex]
15) cvb subject to:
a doctor on call[/ex]
16) having as a source or agent:
to depend on friends for support[/ex]
17) having as a basis or ground:
on my word of honor[/ex]
18) cvb assigned to or working at:
Who's on the switchboard today?[/ex]
19) at the time or occasion of:
on Sunday; cash on delivery[/ex]
20) cvb within the required limits of:
on time[/ex]
21) having as the object or end of motion:
to march on the capital; to creep up on someone[/ex]
22) having as the object or end of action, thought, desire, etc.:
to gaze on a scene[/ex]
23) having as the subject or reference; with respect to:
views on public matters[/ex]
24) cvb inf paid for by, esp. as a treat or gift:
Dinner is on me[/ex]
25) cvb taking or using as a prescribed measure, cure, etc.:
on a low-salt diet[/ex]
26) cvb regularly taking or addicted to:
on drugs[/ex]
27) cvb inf with; carried by:
I have no money on me[/ex]
28) so as to disturb or affect adversely:
My hair dryer broke on me[/ex]
29) having as a risk or liability:
on pain of death[/ex]
30) in addition to:
millions on millions of stars[/ex]
31) in, into, or onto a position of being supported or attached:
Sew the buttons on[/ex]
32) in, into, or onto a position of covering or wrapping:
Put your raincoat on[/ex]
33) fast to a thing, as for support:
Hold on![/ex]
34) toward a place, point, activity, or object:
to look on while others work[/ex]
35) forward, onward, or along, as in any course or process:
further on[/ex]
36) with continuous activity:
to work on[/ex]
37) into or in active operation or performance:
Turn the gas on[/ex]
38) operating or in use:
Is the radio on?[/ex]
39) taking place; occurring:
Don't you know there's a war on?[/ex]
40) performing or broadcasting:
The radio announcer told us we were on[/ex]
41) cvb inf
a) behaving in a very animated or theatrical manner
b) functioning or performing at one's best
42) scheduled or planned:
Anything on tonight?[/ex]
Etymology: bef. 900; ME on, an, OE: on, in, to, c. OFris, OSan(a), OHG an(a), ON ā-, Go ana; akin to Gk aná up, upon (see ana-)

From formal English to slang. 2014.


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